Growing Plants Vertically Using Green Stacks

18 Oct

Growing plants vertically has become very attractive especially in the urban setup. People have endless reasons to turn to this method of growing crops. For starters, there is very little or no space at all, for urban dwellers to plant their own crops. Urban dwellers feel the pinch of purchasing all foods from the grocery stores or nearby market, at high costs. It is, therefore, a sense of relief when someone can produce a few crops on their backyard or balcony.

Another great motivation for growing plants vertically is that people want to be sure of the quality of the food they are eating. Some people prefer to consume organic foods. Although organic foods are available in the market, they are usually very expensive. In addition, the buyer can never be sure to what extent the foods are organic. Some farmers who claim they are planting organic foods, use minimal amounts of pesticides or fertilizers to ensure they harvest a higher yield of the crop. Similarly, the farmer may be oblivious of the level of contamination in the soil they are using to plant these organic foods. These are some of the reasons that prompt many individuals to plant their own crops, even if it is on a limited space. Learn how to set up a balcony garden or buy the best plant pots at

Growing plants vertically can be done on spaces as small as two square feet. There are several methods that one can use to carry out vertical planting. There is the green stack method which is very common with individuals who are keen to have small-scale kitchen gardens. The stacks are manufactured by innovative firms. They are used to plant whichever crop the user prefers. After planting, each stack is placed onto of another and can go as high as six feet or more. The containers are packed using standard packaging. A manufacturer may decide that each package will have four to seven stacking containers.

The stacking has a simple yet profound watering system. When the user pours water on the top container, it trickles down to the last stack down below. This is because there is an opening that will form into a straight line pipe after stacking all the containers one on top of the other. Again the container is designed in such a way that the water spreads evenly within each container in the stack. This design ensures that very little water is used in order to satisfy each plant with the right quantity of water. This is suitable for persons who live in arid areas or those who wish to use a low quantity of water in their gardens. It saves water as well as space. Continue reading more details on this here:

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